Club Members Manager

20 Jan 2012 - New version - fixes installation problems, and email problems, and adds ability to see emails in HTML format.

This is a free application on single computers, and less than 100 members. It installs on windows XP Vista or Windows 7. If you like it, and your club is very large you can purchase the networkable version for US$199.00 - see details below.

This is a simple way to contact and manage your club members. You can contact them by email, SMS or a mail out, and you can select your club members based on numerous filters.

This application can print membership lists, personalised (mail merged) invoices and simple invoices.

More advanced users can form HTML emails (so its a newletter maker as well).

It is very easy to add new members, update their financial status or edit any other information. No searching through menus for the right window - everything is done from the same screen

Its main feature is its extreme simplicity of use. Even computer illiterate treasurers or secretaries will easily master its use.

The top area is a search area, and searches are easy and quick. Most search fields are automatically "wildcarded" which means, for example a search for fred, in the customer field, will find Alfred or Frederick. To search by telephone number you would only have to put the last few digits in.

You can DOWNLOAD the manager and get started now or read the help.

If you need the full version you can purchase the licence for $199 US from our Kagi store. The licence will allow you to install the application on as many computers as you like, in the one location (Local Area Network). If you pay by credit card, Kagi will show on your statement, rather than Computingathome. screenshot