Extremely Easy Software

All our software (we admit it) is based on the same principles. That is easy data entry, editing and searching on the same form. Single form design. Only key features allowed. No menus or toolbars. Useful help, in the help bar. Limited business rule enforcement - you make the rules. Users are allowed to make mistakes; limited nag screens. All our software is Windows based, and will install on XP SP2 or newer.

Customer Order Tracker

Easy to use, networkable, application, ideal for small businesses who accept orders from customers. Also tracks quotes, deposits and staff to-do lists, and does this all from the same screen. More on this page.

Job Tracker

In development. Ideal for small and medium size workshops, garages, builders; anyone who books in jobs in advance. Instantly find out what jobs are due, who is doing them, which ones are in progress. Instantly contact the customer, job supervisor or job foreman, by SMS or email with a click of the mouse. Fully networkable, so information flows from office to workshop to remote user (if VPN or Remote desktop is used). Print out job sheets for any combination of dates, customers, workers or user defined criteria. More on this page.

Club Members Manger

Instantly contact your members, by email, mail or SMS, based on criteria you choose. Criteria include member type, financial status, four user defined search fields and a host more. Write plain text or HTML emails, SMS your members, and print lists and invoices instantly. All done from the one screen; this is the easiest way yet to contact and manage your members. on this page.

Easy Rostering Application

In Development. Use Excel for your rosters? This simple application can make and print rosters, based on location, worker, any dates at all, and user defined criteria. Instantly prints out any roster you choose, not limited to just a week or month. Install on a network, so anyone has access, either as editors or readers. More on this page.