For Wineries

Winery Software

Being based in Margaret River, one of Australia's premium wine growing regions, Computing@home has developed several useful software applications suitable for the industry. We do not claim that they are all easy - unfortunately this can be a complex industry.

Wine Price Calculator - Free

Calculate the price of wine at any point in the supply chain, knowing the price at some other point in the supply chain, and knowing (or guessing) the margins. Works for any quantity, from glass to container. More on this page.

Weighted Average Calculator - Free

Distribute the cost of producing the wine to the wine in bottles based on 'weights' - that is the proportion of cost you want to distribute to that wine. At the present time this calculator is only suitable for small wineries, as it does not store previous calculations or entries. It is very simple to use, and is suitable as a weighted average calculator for any business with only a handful of products, or anyone who wants to do weighted averages at all. Look out for an improved version that can store (save) previous calculations. More on this page.

MYOB Wine Club

Needs MYOB and the MYOB ODBC drivers. Allows you to run a wine club from MYOB, and contact your customers (wine club members) based on criteria you choose. Can email to those members instantly (no mail client needed). Not yet ready.

MYOB Tutorials

A series of MYOB tutorials for grape growers/wine producers, that encompasses everything from stock control to BAS reporting. Allows for such things as "Wine for Own Use", exporting wine, commissions, and every advanced subject we can think of. Probably suitable for intermediate/advanced users of MYOB only. This is NOT the same method as MYOB suggest on their website - we think ours is simpler. Not a quick fix to the nightmare that can be winery accounts, rather a journey that small winery administrators will want to take if they really want to understand the reporting and accounting requirements of their industry. In addition a tool is being made available to allow the Producer Return to be done - at the press of a button (WA Producers only we think). More on this page.