Wine Price

Wine Price Calculator

Online version right here.

This is a simple tool that can calculate the price of wine at any point in the supply chain, knowing or surmising the price at any other point in the supply chain. The tool is probably only useful for Australian producers, as it deals with two taxes GST and WET, which may be unique to Australia.

If, for example, you wanted your wine to sell at $25 a bottle at bottle shops, and you expect the retail markup to be 40% and wholesale markup to be 30%, then the calculator will tell you the farm gate price - the price you have to sell to the wholesaler. The calculator suggests you need to charge $9.6802 a bottle, $116.16 (Ex WET) for a case of 12, and if you are eligible for a WET rebate, like most wineries are, then that is an additional $26.11 for a case or a total recovered cost for the wine of $142.28.

The calculator can deal with direct to retail (missing wholesale), commissions and ex farm gate costs. It can deal with all quantities as well, even a glass. So if you wanted to sell your wine by the glass at a hotel, and the hotel says $7.00 a glass, and 300% markup, and you sell directly to the hotel, then no problem. (Assuming 5 glasses a bottle, the price you would have to sell to the hotel is $7.9545 LUC or $6.1663 ex WET.)

You can download the Wine Price Calculator here. This tool is free, and can be used, distributed and abused in any way you see fit. You must however make sure you understand the figures the calculator tells you - we can't take responsibility for any decisions you may take by using this tool.

This tool will install on Windows, with XP SP2 or later. It might need other files, and will download them automatically from the internet if your computer is missing them.