MYOB Winery Tutorials

Find below, a series of PDF tutorials, intended to provide a method of doing the accounts on MYOB, for smallish wineries. They only cover those things that are unique to the industry - such things as Purchases and Payroll are NOT covered. They are primarily intended for accountants or experienced MYOB bookkeepers and administrators.

Please note that these tutorials may not be suitable for you. In addition these tutorials may be out of date to current legislation, or MYOB. You may prefer to do things differently; less thoroughly or even more thoroughly for example. They are primarily intended for wineries for turnovers above about $300,000 but below about $3,000,000. However they do provide a framework that would allow a winery to grow out of these methods (or into them) without having to change too much on how you do things.

Please right mouse click on these links, and select "Save Target As..." rather than opening these PDFs in your browser.

  1. Introduction - Please read first.
  2. Basic Set Up
  3. Inventory Set Up - note you can use the Weighted Average Calculator, rather than a spreadsheet.
  4. Making Sales
  5. Doing the BAS